Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Getting Crafty -- A Christmas Chain

Every year, near the beginning of December, we make a Christmas chain for keeping track of Days Til Christmas.

The Supplies

Count how many days you have til Christmas Eve and then subtract one. The Christmas Eve link is the gold one. Then divide how many days you have in half (if it's an odd number pick which you like better: red or green) and then you know how many links you need of each color. Then you cut strips of colored construction paper like in the picture. We're traditionalists. You could use any color you wanted we just like red, green, and yellow. 

4ft gluing the links together

Start the chain. Use the glue stick on one end (the short sides) and then loop it together and secure. Then thread the next color through the loop and repeat. So on and so forth until you get the whole chain done.


It's an easy fun project you can do as a family. We always share the duties. This year I did the red, 4ft did the green, and Grumpers didn't want to help until we got to the yellow one and so he did that one. Before bed, the boys take turns tearing off the bottom chain and then they count how many days are left.

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